“Call now for a complementary strategy session about your case”

“Here is what you will receive when you call”

  • All facts of the case in a well-laid out format.  A detailed summary of the facts of the case.
  • The legal issues-depending on the type of case: what they are facing (the process and consequences), issues, injuries, potential compensations or losses, asset issues, etc.
  • What legal issues you will raise to get them the resolution they desire.

Being charged with a crime doesn’t mean you are a bad; and so the lawyer you choose afterwards may be the most important decision you make.

Attorney John Akwuba understands and recognizes that good people can make mistakes and when that happens, they deserve an attorney who will fight for their rights and minimize the consequences of those mistakes. Be it a DWI, Drug Charge, Domestic Assault, White Collar or any other criminal charges, be sure NOT to face it alone! Attorney John Akwuba will definitely stand by your side and fight for you all the way, through thick and thin.

Whether you’re charged with a Sex Crime, Drug Charge, Assault Charge, DWI or anything else, the attorney you choose is critical to the successful outcome of your case. Being convicted of a crime can have serious consequences which can affect your life for years afterwards.

You need a knowledgeable attorney to explain the consequences you are facing in order to fully understand your situation. Attorney John Akwuba’s more than 20 years of experience in legal community will work to your advantage and ensure that you make not only the most informed and knowledgeable decisions for yourself, but also the most beneficial decisions for your life now and in the future.

Also, we can assist in explaining and, if qualified, Expunging your criminal record.